Tuesday 5 July 2022


Bless - thank you! Ironing is unfortunately needed here. Bear's school uniform shirts look so much better after ironing that I can't bring myself to ignore them. I don't iron much else apart from pillowcases and DH's polo shirts. 

Sharon - thank you! I took the pic out of the car window as I thought that if I got out of the car, I would spend far too long looking around. 

Eileen - thank you! Sometimes I look at bear and wonder how we ended up with him - he is just so good at the science stuff. I'm so proud. The knee has had a few moments, but hasn't given way again, so hopefully it will settle down.

No news for DH, which is sort of good news. The GP practice have a habit of not telling you anything unless it's bad news. If they don't ring, we shouldn't worry, although we do. As it is, DH is feeling a little better. He's still shockingly run down but is on the upward trend.

I am exhausted. I am not used to driving around, walking around and actual conversations. Today I've got washing done, sorted some clothes for the charity shop (which I dropped off!), caught up with some emails and did a little writing. 

I keep getting distracted by repeated 'thonks'. That's the noise that a sparrow makes when it flies into the window. I'm surprised I haven't found feathered remains as they zip around at Mach 2 as if they are auditioning for Top Gun so they must hit the window at some speed. It's unnerving when they whistle past your ear giving it out because the bird feeder is running low, so heaven knows how fast they are going when they meet the glass. I'm not sure what to do about the window. It doesn't seem to matter whether the curtains are open or not, so net curtains probably wouldn't help. We face south, so there is always going to be a little glare in sunshine. If anyone has any ideas, please share. 

I made dinner after bringing home bear and right now I am just about finished. I am probably going to crawl off to bed soon for a ridiculously early night. Tomorrow I am going to have to do something in the garden. DH and bear worked so hard, it's only right that I keep it up. I may have to include sweeping the pavement outside. The fuchsia is shedding.

It is a little unnerving that one of my biggest topics of conversation is the fuchsia.

Writing stuff - I had the second of my series of articles on research for authors posted here on the site of my publishers Three Furies Press (who are awesome). I feel incredibly grown up. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. We get the occasional window hit too and I dread going outside as I'm phobic about dead things. I'd have to stay upstairs with the curtains closed until Tony removed the poor little thing.

  2. Being sociable and making conversation is tiring. I've noticed that recently. I suppose it's going to take time to get used to it again!

    I read your article about research. I love your style of writing. It's an easy read that gets the points across without being condescending. Is the first article still available? I don't remember reading that one.

  3. You've had a busy day! Well done dropping off the clothes to the charity! You've reminded me that I need to call and schedule a donations pick up! Sorry, no idea what to do about sparrows flying into the window! Love your fuchsia!