Thursday 7 July 2022

Feeling Meh

Bless - thank you! I find my time filling up scarily quickly.

Eileen - thank you! That feels like such a hug. I'm glad that it sounds clear. I hope it is helpful for writers with suggestions rather than setting down a list. 

I have had a foul headache all day. I have an iffy stomach. I am absolutely utterly, completely and entirely shattered. DH is feeling better so we are working on the theory that he has had a bug. I really hope I haven't got it as it flattened him and lasted for ages. On the bright side, not long until the summer holidays.

I've got loads of washing done today, but not much else. I seem to have spent an awful lot of today sitting in traffic. I managed to avoid a collision by the skin of my teeth as well, as a car pulled right in front of me. There was no excuse, I was really visible, at a steady and appropriate speed and had all the right of way. Bear was unimpressed. First of all he was unimpressed at the other driver and he was also unimpressed that I had failed to beep my horn. 

Bear is so tired. I think he is ready for the summer break, in a couple of weeks' time. He hasn't had his score back for Computer Science, but he has done well in Maths and Physics and those are the three subjects that are important to him. He has worked really hard as well, which is the key. 

I have no comment to make on the political situation. I write fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk. What is going on in Parliament is far too weird for me.

I tried to get a pick of the female blackbird eating berried as I was waiting for bear.

She seemed to be enjoying them a great deal. I zoomed in with my phone, and I don't think it worked well. I enjoyed watching her, though.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear of your narrow escape. It must have shaken you up but I did giggle at Bear being unimpressed that you didn't beep your horn ... typical teenager! I think all the kids are more than ready for the holidays to start. I see the local kids on their way to school and they all look worn out, poor things.

  2. Nice photos! Sorry you're feeling blah. I hope you aren't coming down with anything. I hope a bug was all that was wrong with husband.