Monday 4 July 2022

Proud of Bear

Eileen - I feel hugged. Thank you. Everyone was indeed fed - and everyone wanted different food at different times, and everyone had clean clothes and bear was where he should be. I think I shall take that as a win.

Sharon - if I have any success at all, I will absolutely share!

Bless - thank you. I think I'm going to have to be very firm with myself.

Cherie - I park in an obscure corner of a Morrisons car park covered in the bushes which are dripping with berries, and I don't care if someone sees me picking them. On the other hand, we practically never eat jam, and no-one trusts me with hot sugar, so I'm happy to leave them to other foragers or the birds. 

First of all - bear got 95% in his maths exam and is right up near the top of the class. I am so proud of him. If it was the exam, he would get a top grade. The paper was set out like a GCSE exam, so there's a good chance that he will get a good mark in the actual exam. As someone who can't really get much past addition and subtraction, I am so impressed and proud of him.

I thought I would skip blogging at the weekend, as I thought I had nothing to share. I think I will start blogging at the weekend again, as I found a few things to say.

This weekend a slug got into my clean washing. I was desperately unimpressed. I have to wash it all again. Bear was out on Sunday, and I managed to drop him off at his friends house without getting too lost. 

DH is still feeling under the weather. We're waiting on results for the blood tests. 

My knee went at the checkout in Tesco this morning and I thought I was going to fall. I was mortified. It was okay for the rest of the day, though, so it could be worse.

I got a load of ironing done. I have a ridiculous amount left, but I really shifted a load and bear now has a gazillion and four shirts ready for him. I was able to pare down some stuff as bear has grown ridiculously over the last few months and shirts that were a little big on him at Easter are now looking snug. I've started packing things up for the charity shop.

I caught the bottom of the car on a kerb. I met up with a friend and we were planning on pulling over. It looked like an innocent gravel patch for cars, but there was a hidden ledge. The car has been driving okay, but it sounded awful at the time and I suspect I didn't do the clutch much good as we went down all the back roads near Hebden Bridge and I struggled. But I got this pic where I got caught.

We were on the moors, near a reservoir. 

Writing stuff - I spent some time over the weekend sorting out some of the short stories. I've put a post about it on my writing blog, but here is a pic of some of my writing notes.

There has been paper everywhere

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Well done, Bear! Great marks! Especially for maths! I hate maths! My daughter, on the other hand, loves it!
    It sounds like you got a lot done over the weekend! I generally don't iron; I'm impressed by the amount of ironing you do!
    I hope your week is off to a good start and good health to you, your husband, and son. :)

  2. Nice photo - I love the clouds. My kind of cloud day.

    Congrats to Bear! What a great score! Hope your husband feels better soon and hears something from the doctors.

  3. Congratulations to Bear, that's a fantastic exam result (although I'm not a numbers person and don't understand how anyone can enjoy maths!).

    I hope DH doesn't have to wait too long for the blood results and that, when received, they provide and answer that is easily treatable. Also hope your knee holds up and doesn't get any worse.