Monday 11 July 2022

Far Too Hot

Cherie - bear seems very happy to be doing it as well. I said that if he finds a job he enjoys then his life will be a lot easier. I hope it all works out for him.

Bless - the school filled the hall with people like the local university representatives and lawyers. Fingers crossed that bear has some decent career guidance in the direction he wants. 

Eileen - I have perfected the 'nod and smile'. But bear seems happy. The school seem quite snobby and not interested in anyone who isn't going for being a lawyer or doctor. Hopefully bear gets better guidance as he goes on.

I do not do well in heat. My hands and feet are far more swollen than I think acceptable. I have swollen feet anyway, and do not need the heat making it worse.

I'm feeling more random than usual. I was dipping into some research and found that there's a burial ground for sale - here, if you're curious. Who buys a burial ground and why? There is a market for genuinely used coffin nails, but apparently not in second hand coffins. They do cardboard coffins printed to look like the Tardis. I am tempted. 

I also found a washing machine that runs off a usb plug. It isn't a very big washing machine, more like a small disc that does ultrasonic things, but I can't help but think that it's a recipe for disaster. I have never known laundry that doesn't mean water everywhere, except an automatic. I also have found the connections on usb cables quite flimsy. I can imagine water getting into the electrics unless great care is taken, but  I quite fancy it, for the cleaning cloths. However it doesn't spin, which is a drawback. 

Also, I need to sort out the place as the bathroom is likely to be started soon(ish). Well, at least this year, probably. 

Today was a little out of routine. I had a hair appointment at 11.30. With the price of petrol and the weirdness of traffic at the moment, it wasn't worth me travelling to and from, so I dropped bear off and then hung around, read a book, knitted, had hair done, hung around, read, knitted and wilted in the heat. I spent some time at the park. This looks cool, but it really isn't. The haircut looks great, though.

Writing stuff - the latest instalment of Under Dark Hills is here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler today. I'm heading out for a walk soon and it feels so much fresher.

  2. My school was the same. If you didn't want to do the university route they had no idea what to recommend. It was law, medicine or military for the boys and teaching or nursing for the girls. For some reason girls weren't consider suitable for law or medicine ... talk about sexist!

  3. I'm sorry it was so hot and your hands and feet are swollen. My feet swell, sometimes, when it gets hot, but, we haven't got that hot, yet. Hope it cools down for you, soon.