Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Dead Pigeons

Cherie - I posted on the wrong blog, then deleted without realising that it hadn't gone on the right blog. As for comments - it's been odd!

Eileen - I'm counting the hours until that bathroom's finished, honestly!

No bathroom people today. However we had pest control. DH has had a lot of problems with the sound of pigeons above him in the roof. It sounded like they were stomping around like line dancers and they never shut up! So he called in someone about a pigeon, who had to go up next door's loft, climb over partitions, extract nests with eggs, chase a load of pigeons out of the pigeon flap and I think not all pigeons survived the experience. 

Here is a pic of a pigeon sitting on what was the pigeon flap but is now blocked off. We now have to call roofers as at least one slate came down.

At one point there was a subdued row of pigeons on the roof ridge looking homeless. It's been wonderful for DH, though. He's managed to have a day of work without being interrupted by pigeon noises.

There aren't so many flowers on the fuchsia at the moment, but there are plenty of buds and some fruit starting to ripen. I expect that the sparrows will see the fruit off.

And It's somewhat worrying that most of the interest in my life comes from a single fuchsia.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Glad the pigeons have been cleared; hope you can get the roof tiles fixed before it rains! The fuchsia is lovely! I'm glad it survived the heat wave!

  2. So many pigeons in England. We don't see a lot of them here. We have lots of doves that visit the garden but you don't tend to see them on rooftops. I love the fuchsia. My sister had a couple in her garden that I took photos of. Her garden put mine to shame!