Friday 1 July 2022


Eileen - thank you so much for setting the challenge. I shall definitely work on this month's challenge! Bear is still practising the violin without ever being told, and he seems to be building his own coping mechanisms. I'm letting him find what works for him. The GCSEs are next year, and it's better if he finds something that works for him rather than having something imposed from above. He's much more together than I'll ever be! As for the fuchsia, I absolutely blame father!

Lady Ella - is it like this?

It's in the car park where I wait for bear and I think that it's a variety of mahonia, but don't quote me. I'll try and get a better pic next week.

Bless - I feel absolutely hugged! Thank you! I absolutely need to count my blessings, though I sometimes think that bear managed most of it by himself. Looking at father and thinking about how he would enjoy it made me smile. As for the bargains - I celebrate where I can.

Sharon - thank you! I'm so glad that bear has a physical outlet as well. I think it will make all the difference. As for lists - still failing here!

I utterly failed to do any of the items on my list today. This will be of no surprise to anyone. I think I need to keep to very small targets. When I was badly depressed, I used to break down making a phone call into a half dozen steps. I think I may need to revisit that. 

Mind you, I was distracted. I was thinking about my writing blog, and how it would appear to someone seeing it for the first time. It's very plain, which suits me, but I definitely need to shake a few things up. I thought I could group together the flash fiction in an easy to find place, so that if you hadn't read anything of mine, you could get a good taste away from all the extra bits of reviews, chat, articles and such. 

I have 170 separate flash fiction stories. That's one hundred and seventy. I've reposted some a few times during October over the years but that 170 doesn't include any re-posts. It's 170 separate pieces. I'm trying to work out how to make the best of them. It's a sitting down job, and as my knee went when I was going upstairs earlier, I think a day of sitting down jobs is in order. I'll share when I've made changes. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Maybe you didn't tackle anything on your list but that doesn't mean that your day was a complete failure. It's a difficult time for your family with both you and DH being unwell and Bear exhausted by the stress that come with school exams, but despite that I'm assuming that you managed to feed everyone, ferried Bear to and from school, started thinking about changes for your writing blog and was able to update this blog ... that sounds like a success, not a failure. Be kind to yourself and take it as easy as you can to allow some recovery time. Sending hugs xx

  2. Wow that's a lot of stories! You're not alone on the lists. I managed to make one for just one day this week and didn't get everything done. I did try the do something for 30 mins, take a break and timed myself, but then I got distracted again. Agh. If you find the answer let me know!

  3. Breaking down a task into subtasks is definitely a good way to get things done! I do the same with some things that feel overwhelming to me. Hope your knee feels better, soon.

  4. That is a mahonia and the berries are edible. It makes a decent jam though I mix it with other fruit as I don't think people would be very impressed to see me stripping the berries off the car park bushes. A few here and there are ok.