Thursday 30 June 2022

All Tired

Sharon - I sometimes feel that my attention span is like when you drip water onto a red hot pan and it hisses and sizzles and scatters everywhere. I will share if I find the secret of how to get things done. It sometimes seems impossible.

Eileen - that is great advice, and I feel incredibly hugged. Thank you. 

I took another pic of the fuchsia. The rest of the garden is something of a fail, but this at least is glorious.

I dropped bear off this morning, then called in at Tesco. They had some frozen stuff that we like which they hadn't had for a while, so I stocked up. I thought that while I was at it, I would do one of the two 10% off shops that I get per month. I'm sure I forgot loads, but I remembered things like toothpaste and stock cubes. I also picked up some candles that were on sale for me and some fruit and nut mixture for DH. The candle that I started with is very disappointing. It's quite a large one, and if I had paid more than £3.50 for it, I would have been very upset. I also picked up half a dozen packs of cereal for bear. There are so many cheaper ways of getting breakfast into him, but this works and he finds Tesco own brand acceptable. All in all, with offers, Clubcard prices and the 10% off I got a total of around £15 off. There wasn't much fruit and veg - there is plenty of frozen veg in and I only buy fruit as needed, but there is enough of the frozen stuff to make family dinners for weeks. I need to make an ongoing list, so that when I come to the next 10% off (not until 20th July) then I can get all that I need. 

I didn't get much done today. By the time I had got home from shopping, it was nearly time to leave for pick up. DH isn't well. He's had to go to the doctor today, and I'm quite worried. I'm trying to think of good ways to make a fuss of him. Then I picked up bear and, after he got changed at home, took him climbing. It's a new place that they have just opened and it's awesome. Bear spent an hour or so there, which I think is great for him. He didn't have any exams today, and he just has one tomorrow. Tomorrow's exam is quite long, so he may be late out of school, and then he has some sort of presentation thingy before the whole dratted thing is over by 6th July. I'm encouraging him to go climbing regularly, as often as he likes, because I think the exercise is good for him among the studying. He was doing a practice paper tonight for his exam tomorrow, so it's not as if he's neglecting his schoolwork. 

Bear is exhausted after climbing and all the exams. DH is exhausted because he isn't well and they aren't sure why. I'm just exhausted. I'm going to make a list of things that I need to do tomorrow and then crawl off to bed. I'm hoping that if I make the list, even if I only tick one thing off, it at least makes it harder for me to forget things. 

I think that will be my first step - to commit to making a rough list of things I should remember for the next day. I won't expect perfection, it's just a way of organising my thoughts. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Your fuchsia is absolutely gorgeous! You've mentioned your father planted it; I think he's smiling on you with fuchsia flowers.
    Sounds like you got a fair discount with your shopping! Well done! These days, between the rising prices and the shrinking product packages, even a dollar or a pound saved is a good deal!
    Sorry to hear your husband is not feeling well. I hope he feels better, soon.
    Making lists is a good thing. I have a running list of grocery items I need to order that is posted on the fridge door. I also have a daily to do list and that is also helpful...I don't always accomplish everything on it, but what I don't get to get carried over to the next day. :)

  2. I hope they work out what is wrong with DH soon. That has to be such a worry! I'm glad to hear that Bear has found something physical he likes to do. It sounds as though he really enjoys it and it gets him away from thinking about anything else.

  3. The fuchsia looks amazing. You may have killed the honeysuckle but you're obviously a bit of a whizz with the fuchsias!

    Is Bear still playing his violin or has that taken a back seat during his exam season? I like that he has his own relaxation (!) with the climbing and the opportunity that gives to switch off from the pressure of all things school and exams.