Wednesday 8 June 2022

An Improvement

Eileen - the honeysuckle is in a south facing garden and I don't always water as I should. It's doomed! I'll spend some time on the net and have a look for some ideas.

Sharon - thank you. The rose smells amazing as well. I bet your garden has a real sense of beauty in it, though. You have such an eye when you are taking pics.

I've still not got caught up with reading the blogs I enjoy. 

Today was another 'off balance' day. We had to leave the house early as bear had a school trip. He needed a packed lunch. I thought about the days when I was sending him to primary school with the packed lunch and the absolute torment I went through. No matter what I packed, no matter what I suggested, he didn't like it. What is worse, he would never tell me something that he would like. That lad has driven me to the edge. This morning I put some ice packs in an insulated lunch bag and took him to Tesco. I told him to go to the sandwich counter and get whatever he wanted. He did. He took some time fitting everything into the lunch bag, which wasn't that small. I'm just glad if he'll eat. 

The school trip was to Huddersfield University, where they spent some time with the Holocaust Exhibition and there was a workshop. I haven't had the full details as bear was shattered and fell asleep in the car home. They also got a tour of the university. Bear thought it was awesome. 

After dropping off bear, I waited in for the man to come and replace the shower. This meant that I couldn't settle to much as I was up and down turning electricity off and on, then turning the stop cock off. Then there was an embarrassing moment when I had to ask the plumber to turn the dratted thing on again because I had been so enthusiastic turning it off that I couldn't turn it back! He was a sweetheart, really, and so patient. 

Then the button didn't work, and he had to come back and jiggle things around, and then by the time he had gone and I had caught my breath, I was on my way out to pick up bear. Poor bear was shattered, but voluntarily practiced his music. I think that it relaxes him.

I snapped a few pics this morning. The fuchsia is really blooming

It's like a curtain of flowers. And the white rose looks like it will be full of flower, despite the black spot.

And I'm not sure whether it was Johnny or Amber on the fence this morning, but they were very disappointed that the pigeons had got to the peanuts first.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Lovely flowers. My garden doesn't have any except for the hanging basket that my son got me for mother's day (American one in May) . Very surprising to me it is still alive! Glad Bear had a good day out

  2. I really like the look of that square trellis.. I would grow butternut squash or runner beans up it

  3. So did Bear eat the sandwiches?

  4. Oh, I do like your solution to Bear's need for a packed lunch on this occasion! Hope he did eat the items he chose!
    The flowers are beautiful! I am in awe of your fuchsia! After you mentioned that the berries are edible, I looked online and apparently the petals of the flowers are edible, too! :)