Thursday 9 June 2022

Bear is Not Happy

 Sharon - I saw the pic of the hanging basket and it's awesome!

Cherie - for some reason, I decided to grow runner beans up the fan trellis. I hope that I do alright with that. The square trellis is east facing in a south facing garden, and between to central heating vents so it's quite a warm spot. Someone like you could grow anything there! I mainly manage honeysuckle that refuses to die and weeds.

Eileen - bear bought huge amounts of food, but I didn't see the exact details. All I know is that not only did he hoover up every crumb, but he wandered up to the car eating a bun from Greggs that he had bought on the way down from school. I take it as normal for teenagers. 

I'm not sure whether it was Johnny or Amber Squirrel tap dancing on the bins this morning. However I see a lot of squashed squirrels on the roads at this time of year, and I saw one hit by a car earlier this week, so I think it's the time of year when the young leave the nest and try and find new territories. We may be a new territory. I'm not sure how long it will last, as there is a lot of rat poison around, but for now we have a cute, bushy tailed thug or two hanging off the bird feeder. DH said he watched one this afternoon going through all sorts of contortions to get to the bird food while being harassed by sparrows. 

Bear got his exam timetable today. The exams are supposed to be spread over two weeks, but most of his are concentrated in one week. His head of year has protested, but I don't think they can do much. 

Apart from that, I managed to dither to an Olympic standard today and I think I shall crawl off to an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I hope Bear's exam schedule can be rearranged a bit to give him more time between exams! I love to watch squirrels! They are very entertaining (unless they are eating your fruits, etc.!) :)

  2. Teenagers are unfillable. But when you see how quickly they grow it's not really surprising. You are going to have a few expensive years while Bear eats you out of house and home :-)

  3. I had a similar timetable when I took my O level exams - two weeks with two exams every day! Hope Bear copes well with the pressure.