Friday 10 June 2022

Staggering On

Bless - I think the best way to describe what happened to bear's lunch is 'devoured' or possibly 'inhaled'. We have to go through it again. I have volunteered to make anything he wants, but he wants a trip to the shop for wraps and pasties. He has to go into school on Sunday between 8am and 4pm for drama related stuff as well as the normal Monday to Friday. As the caterers won't be there, he needs to take in his lunch. He laid waste to Tesco's sandwich counter at the start of the day last time, but the supermarket isn't open until after the school session starts so we are working out the best way to supply him. Anything but take in a sandwich, apparently! But now you've mentioned that the fuchsia flowers are edible, I suppose I could send him in with a pack of those - or not.

The squirrels have been keeping DH very much amused. He was on hold for ages but didn't mind because he was watching a stand off between Johnny Squirrel and a local magpie. 

Today has been a funny sort of day again. My hospital appointment is on Monday. I got a call today from someone awesome talking me through attending and making sure that I knew where to go.They were absolutely wonderful and lovely and after the phone call, I fell apart. 

I went shopping as a stress relief, and called in at TK Maxx, but saw absolutely nothing I fancied, which is an absolute first! I may spend some time on eBay later, although drink has been taken and it's usually a bad idea. 

I haven't mentioned anything to bear, but he must be aware that I'm feeling fragile as he brought down a load of washing from his room without me asking. That is a definite win.

Hugs and good health to all. 

Bear is stuck with a week of two exams per day coming up. Nobody is happy, but there is limited room for manoeuvre as the timetable has to fit over 200 pupils studying a variety of subjects. We'll just have to keep it calm at home. He's been practising to keep himself calm and he seems to be doing well. 


  1. Sending you good vibes for Monday. I know it is hard, but, try to have a calm weekend. Maybe do some knitting or something that is relaxing.

  2. Would Bear try his hand at batch baking pasties. sausage rolls and pies? You could buy him a couple of rolls of ready made pastry and whatever he fancies as a filling. It should work out a lot cheaper than buying ready made stuff and he gets to learn a new skill.

  3. I'll be with you in spirit on Monday. It's good that your appointment has come through so quickly. Did you buy anything on eBay?