Saturday 4 June 2022

Failing at Inner Peace

I am so sorry that I haven't caught up with reading blogs or comments. Please don't think that I am underrating the awesomeness of those who are wonderful and share blogs, and who are kind enough to comment. I'm a little off balance.

I am almost 100% guaranteed certain sure that when I get checked out for suspicious bumps and lumps in the chest region, they will find nothing. I feel guilty that I'm taking up a place. I have to follow up, though, because there might be something. I got an appointment through today, but I will have to ring up and try and rearrange as it's very early in the day. It's not that bear won't take the bus in a pinch, it's just that the buses are going on strike. Eight miles is a long way to walk to school, and there are some extremely iffy junctions for pedestrians to cross. 

As for driving him there, my headlights went as I was picking him up from another late night excursion. It was just the bulbs which were fixed this morning, but now the tyre pressure light has come on. I have chocolates to take in to Kwik Fit as I don't think that they'll find anything in the tyres either. 

Bear is having a major teenage moment about going out tomorrow. He was planning to go with friends to the Cow and Calf Rocks at Ikley, but they have changed their minds in view of the weather forecast. The weather forecast has been ridiculously inaccurate recently, so I'm not relying on it for anything at the moment. I'm not stopping the move away from hiking on the moors, though. I'm not keen on bear going hiking as a teen with a group of other teens who are no doubt sensible on their own, but, well, a group of teens has no sense at all. Also, bear has the hiking and outdoor experience and knowledge of a curtain pole. 

I ought to be just dealing with this. There are just so many other things that hang on this. If there is something bad, then I have a lot of other stuff that tumbles down like a house of cards. I realise that I have spent the last few days dithering without any sort of movement on any front. I suppose I should embrace my inner panic and get some work done. And I read on the blogs of people going through much scarier stuff and I feel a self indulgent fraud. As it is, I haven't even caught up with the Great British Sewing Bee. 

In other news, there is a lot of lovely blossom this year. The bushes and trees seem to be overflowing. I took this pic in an Aldi car park, but I've noticed it everywhere.

Hopefully back with more sense later.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Please don't worry that you aren't able to comment. It really doesn't matter and the most important thing is to get yourself well. xx

  2. Sending hugs and thoughts your way. It's always best to get things checked out. Take care x