Monday, 27 June 2022

Thinking of Something Else

Sharon - I love the lacy look - and the yarn does all the work! Lists are a challenge if, like me, you forget to look at them. I'm enjoying the fuchsia. There is another one of what I think is the same type on the way to school, and I think ours is looking so much better. I gloat!

Bless - the two clocks are showing different times because only one is working. I seem to remember there being quite a bit of fuss as the one with the figure on the top is really old and tricky to maintain. I think that there is a preservation order of some sort on it, as it is such a landmark and I believe the mechanism is distinctive, but it's crazy expensive to keep it going. Or I could have misremembered and they just forgot to wind it. 

Cherie - I'm failing so badly at gardening at the moment, I don't think I could put an innocent cutting through my attempts.

Eileen - bear is completely impressing me. These are only the mocks, though, so I hope that he can keep this attitude.

I thought I would skip posting on the weekend, as I usually run out of things to say. Unfortunately, stuff has happened, but I have so much going on in my mind and I haven't transferred stuff to lists, so I'm sure that I'm forgetting stuff. Here is a rough overview in no particular order.

One of the trellis panels blew down in the wind, but DH and bear sorted it out.

The honeysuckle is pretty much dead right now. This is the honeysuckle against the wall with the neighbour, the one I felt bad because it was almost impossible to get rid of and the reason we got the dratted trellis in the first place! 

I have sciatica. It hurts.

Bear forgot his pencil case this morning and had to pick up a spare pen from Morrisons on his way in. He had English and Maths exams today. He told me that he thought he had failed English (thank goodness this is only a mock!) but that he had enjoyed the maths exam. I adore my son without reserve, but who the heck enjoys a maths exam? Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong with the lad. And what is happening with English? DH has an English degree. I write books which have spelling and punctuation. We talk about all sorts, and I'm fairly sure that there are no issues with comprehension. We'll have to talk with the English teacher (there have been several over the last two years so not exactly sure who they are) at parents evening. 

Bear has also grown a few inches since Easter. He is now at least as tall as his father and growing. I looked at him this evening in the shirt that was recently slightly too big and now is a little on the small side. He has been saying that he was tired, and that would explain a lot.

Bear's backpack has a massive hole in the corner which he only just noticed - when he couldn't find his phone. That is, the phone that has to be put in a backpack during exams. He found the phone, thank goodness, but there were an anxious few moments. I'm not sure how to mend it. It's big, and the fabric seems to to have split. I may just have to go for a (cheap) replacement.

I had washing outside on an airer to dry and there was this moth. 

According to google, it's an elephant hawkmoth, which likes honeysuckle. This makes sense as the one at the front (which I was also considering getting rid of) is flourishing like crazy. The scent is amazing. I turned everything inside out to make sure that I didn't accidentally bring it in. 

Someone came to have a look at the bathroom, so hopefully a new bathroom soon. I wonder where it will go wrong. I'm sure that I'll find some stories in it. 

Writing stuff - The latest instalment of Under Dark Hills is here

For those who are kind enough to follow my writing blog, I'm thinking of changing a few bits around. At the moment I have links on the menu bar to pages which have ongoing stories like Under Dark Hills, Kane's story and Dark Picture. I was considering adding pages for the one-off stories and poems where they could all be grouped together. I'd still leave them in the blog, but also have an extra page for anyone wanting to dip into just fiction and not have to wade through my chatty pieces. Let me know if that appeals to you. I thought it may make it easier for someone finding my blog for the first time, but I'm open to suggestions.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'd buy a cheap replacement and simply put it into the good bag as a liner.

  2. You certainly have a lot going on! But, ouch! Sciatica! That hurts! I was practically bedridden with it, last year, during the month of May. It was the worst pain I ever experienced! I hope your sciatica is not too severe.

  3. Sciatica is a miserable thing to have and so painful. I hope you'll be over it soon .... sending hugs x

  4. Sorry you are hurting. I hope you feel better soon. Bear is a good kid. I hope the exams aren't worrying him too much. I used to worry about them endlessly. I don't think it helped any with performance. Even now I avoid any type of test that I can.