Tuesday 14 June 2022

Dashing Through

Couldn't leave it a second longer without saying thanks for the good wishes which felt like wonderful hugs and I have been so grateful.

I am also grateful that bear found his keys after a year of them being missing. It's a mixed blessing as he was actually looking for his gym kit which has apparently evaporated and he needs it tomorrow. Due to more than average chaos, I need to try and find it in the miscellaneous heap that is my ironing pile/textile heap/dining room so I will be gone for quite some time. 

Writing stuff - and link to Unwelcome Instructions, next in the Under Dark Hills series is here. 


  1. Say a prayer to St. Anthony - he is the patron saint of finding lost items!

  2. if you havent got a washing yurt , youre only playing at keeping house

  3. I agree with Kate. My particular yurt has been in the making for around 6 months. 😂 x