Monday 13 June 2022

All Clear

Bless - thank you!

Cherie - I may suggest that, though there may be a certain wastage along the way! I've always accepted that he would be a bottomless pit, and I swear he's grown an inch or two since Christmas. He needs the fuel. I'm just trying to work out the healthiest way to get that fuel into him.

I'll catch up more tomorrow, but I had to wait around for hours today between various consults and painful examinations. I didn't want to take the bulky blanket in to keep my hands busy while I waited so I started a few rows at home and took in a very basic triangle shawl - knit only and increase on the first stitch every row, but with King Cole's Opium, which looks very fancy knitted up. Look how much I got done!

It's about twenty inches long, or half a metre. Mind you, it was lovely and mindless knitting. 

I got an all clear apart from a very slight question mark which I'll get followed up in a fortnight. Then I picked up bear (who had a late drama practice) and staggered home for dinner and now I am exhausted enough to collapse.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Excellent news! I hope the slight question mark will be erased when you have that follow up visit! How nice to get your results on the same day! I'm still waiting for my scan results. :) Your knitting looks great, too! I find it soothes me to have some knitting with me at all times.

  2. The all clear result is fantastic news and I hope it turns out to be the same for the 'question mark'.

  3. A little bit of mindless knitting is good for the soul. x

  4. The gynae team at my local hospital had me worried for around a year over my misbehaving lady bits (I’ve had breast cancer so more at risk of ovarian cancer). It all turned out to be nothing in the end. You’ll be fine. Sending hugs (sorry it’s a bit late… Just catching up. Xx