Thursday 30 June 2022

Leaf or Leaves

I had so forgotten about this! But I have got a few pics, so I'm sharing. I didn't get a pic of an exit (where someone 'leaves') or leaves of a book, but I have a few from this month.

Such a lovely red for June!

My laptray has a leaf pattern, and I love it.

Some dead leaves in the remains of the honeysuckle - the reason we bought all of the dratted expensive trellis

A mystery weed that looks incredibly vigorous next to the dead honeysuckle

These looked so autumnal for June

I thought that these were lovely colours, but they haven't come out brilliantly

This looked such a vivid and bright individual among the dark leaves

So many different shaped leaves on one branch!

I hope that I do better next month. Thank you, Eileen, for setting this. 


  1. Lovely photos, especially the red leaved autumn looking pic. Many thanks for joining in this month.

  2. Ooh, I really like your laptray design! Also the ivy with its bright new leaf. (Do you happen to know what that autumnal-looking plant is? There is one in a garden near me and I thought it was a holly but it often does that yellowing/reddening thing, all year round, and I wonder if in fact it is something else...)

  3. I love your selection of leaves! Beautiful colors, too!

  4. Nice leaves! At least you've been doing it. I have such good intentions about joining in and completely forget!