Tuesday 21 June 2022

£108 and Culture

Happy Litha, or Midsummer Solstice.

Sorry for dashing through. I'll answer your wonderful comments soon. I thought, however, I should pop in, share writing stuff and add what has been happening before I forgot everything.

Yesterday I took bear to Dewsbury to get his new games kit and blazer. After the spectacular fail last summer, I didn't want to wait until the last minute for the blazer. Bear has gone up a couple of sizes in the last year. His current blazer, apart from being only fit for rags, is creeping past his wrists and is far too small. Thank goodness there are only a few weeks of term left. As it was, a blazer, a pair of jogging bottoms and a short sleeved top came to £108. I flinched. 

Bear has had two more exams. With the drama on Friday, and the written drama test and history test, he thinks he has done okay. Then it's an early finish tomorrow, an early finish Thursday and Friday off, with a stack of exams next week. The tests should in theory be spread evenly over the fortnight, but bear has got all of his lumped together.

Yesterday bear shared that Thursday is culture day and that everyone has to turn up in clothing suitable for their culture (and pay £1 for the privilege). One of the reasons I like the school is that it is incredibly multicultural. It's great that bear has a chance to enjoy so many different ideas. On the other hand, it's three days notice and we are bland, boring, white British, with no particular culture. I asked bear where I was supposed to get a bowler hat at this short notice and informed him that I would not allow him to turn up to school dressed as a Morris Dancer. Bear has planned to turn up in black jeans, black shirt and with a plausible story. 

I took this photo in Dewsbury, as it looked so cheerful.

I spotted a ladybird feeding on the aphids, which now seriously limits my ability to attack the aphids with my usual methods. Washing up liquid would not be good for the ladybirds either.

You can just about see it on the central bud. And I was fascinated by this tiny feather hanging from the fuchsia blossom.

Writing stuff - the flash fiction is finally up and the latest installment of Under Dark Hills is here.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like clothes, especially blazers, are expensive! Hope Bear does well in his exams and the culture day outfit works out well. I love your fuchsia plant; it is just dripping with flowers!

  2. Nice photos. I especially like the fuchsia. Ouch on the price of the clothes. I think I would be flinching too! Hope Bear manages to get through the exams. I always (and still) hate taking tests. I work myself up into such anxiety that I never do well even though I may know the material.

  3. White feathers appear when angels are near... You had someone looking after you.

  4. £108! School uniform is so expensive. I know how much friends and family moan at the cost. One friend has five children at schools where the uniform rules are strictly enforced and they can only buy from the designated shop and their bills are astronomical. This year the school changed the uniform completely, new colour and design, so she can't even benefit from using hand me downs to the younger children.