Thursday 23 June 2022

Lists Continue

Deborah - that's awful! I hope that you are keeping a paper trail. I hope even more that you are keeping alright. There is just so many boxes that they have to tick that I'm surprised that they can find the patient sometimes. Having said that, the nurses at the clinic have been pretty awesome so far.

Sharon - I have the same technique that I make lists and then forget to look at them. I think if I can remember to look at the dratted things, I'm half way there.

Bless - thank you.

Kate - I swear that knitting does me more good than all the tablets. 

Eileen - thank you. I have a notebook in my knitting bag which I use for to do lists, ramblings and general mental organisation. I think it's worth repeating that depression may not be feeling sad or unhappy. At times I was perfectly cheerful, but so badly depressed that I couldn't function well enough to make a cup of tea. It's a tricky thing. 

The fabric near the handle of my new bag has split. I am so unimpressed and I can't find the receipt. I'll take a pic later. I know that there are all these articles about spending £100s on bags, but £30 is a lot for me. I think I will use gaffer tape for now and make an effort to go into charity shops. It won't feel so bad if the bag goes after a short time if I've only spent £5 (though I would still be disappointed).

Here is another pic of the fuchsia.

It's wonderfully full of flowers and the sparrows will have a wonderful time with the berries, I hope. As you can see, it's pushing over the yellow rose. I'm going to have to prune it soon. If I don't get cracking, I'll need a chainsaw instead of secateurs.

Father had a way with fuchsias. I don't know what he did or how, but he grew some monsters!

Bear had the cultural day today. He said it was more like a 'no uniform' day. He looked remarkably sharp in the black shirt and black jeans. He is now in a men's size shirt, so I can see me having to label stuff soon to know the difference between bear's stuff and DH's stuff. Both like plain black, so it should be interesting. 

I'm doing okay. Lists are continuing. I'm very grateful for all the kind thoughts and wishes. They make a big difference. Thank you. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Those fuschia are gorgeous. I used to have a few but they died off. I don’t have green fingers. I’ve currently got a cutting of one from my mil so fingers crossed. In our house I always differentiated between my son’s stuff and my husband’s using a technique my mother used. She used to sew a few stitches onto whichever garment was in question using the colour of our toothbrushes. We used to knit thick walking socks in arran wool and we always had embroidered threads in our toothbrush colours on the toes as we were a family of 5 and did a lot of walking. It worked a treat.

  2. I just love that fuchsia! You and Eileen have such beautiful fuchsia plants! Glad to hear that Bear's "Cultural Day" went well. Glad, too, to read that you are doing OK and continuing with the lists. I'll be going back to my lists, next week - I'm taking a break this week! :)

  3. It's disappointing that your bag has broken already. I think £30 is a lot to pay for a handbag especially if it's not going to last.

    It sounds like Bear is leaving his childhood behind and fast approaching manhood. Are you the shortest in the family now? 😉

  4. Fuchsia is gorgeous! What a beautiful colour too. Sorry about the bag. I rarely carry mine. I don't spend a lot on them. If I do have a bag I tend to fill it so heavy it easily breaks!

  5. Oh forgot to say I managed a list for one day. Didn't make one for today (Friday) so didn't get a lot done. I get so easily distracted!