Wednesday 22 June 2022

Making a List

Eileen - it's ridiculous how much the uniform can cost and the school is very strict. For example, the football socks have to be in the correct house colours. Bear is starting to get men's sizes as well, which gets dear. I suspect the school gets a kickback from the shop. Rawcliffes in Dewsbury stock the uniform for most of the schools in Kirklees, and the shop is crammed. I think there are rules that there have to be two suppliers, but the other one is so far out of the way. And there isn't a sale rail either - it's all expensive! Bear's been relatively happy with the drama performance and the two exams so far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Deborah - it's beyond a yurt and more a marquee at the moment! The staff at the clinic are awesome and I'm not expecting it to be trouble, thank you for the good wishes. As for the knitting - I love it when the yarn does the work!

Cherie - that made me feel hugged. Thank you.

Bless - the uniform rules are really strict. There are two places in the county where we can buy the blazer, and it has to be a particular blazer. He has to have a particular tie with the correct house colours on. He can only wear the designated tops and joggers or shorts for games - it's so expensive. At least we can still get the shirts and trousers at the supermarket for bear. The girls have to wear regulation skirts that are even more expensive!

Sharon - bear seems to be coping okay. Both DH and I did better on tests than on coursework and I'm hoping that bear takes after us. It's far too hot here, but it's supposed to get cooler thank goodness. The fuchsia was planted by father and is a thug. It does flower well, though, and I'm really enjoying the colours. As for the chair, I couldn't resist!

I've had a wake up call about my mental health. When a nurse is trying to insist that you call your GP for an urgent appointment, it's not good (I declined). I have been making a lot of lists. I don't feel upset or down. I feel annoyed with myself. I need to get myself moving. Apart from anything else, bear needs me to be a little more on the ball. DH could do with more support as well. There will probably be a lot of posts coming up about trying different things. I had quite a long wait for bear today. The school had an early finish, but traffic is so odd that I couldn't risk setting off near the estimated pick up time. There is a bus strike going on here and some roadworks in awkward places. This means that there is queuing traffic on most of the routes and delays are very likely. Today, as it worked out, I didn't have a bad run, so I had time to think (and make lists and notes). I've decided that while I need to make a lot of changes, I'm going to find the fun in them all. I plan to make it an adventure (with lists).

I took a pic of the honeysuckle which is currently dying, but decided it was too depressing so here is a pic from my camera roll. It's from winter and a nice cool change from the heat today.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. I’ve given up with my Doctors. I’m a type 2 diabetic on insulin. They’ve changed the way they manage my condition with appointments and tests so much lately that I was forced to email the Practise manager just to get my yearly app and meds review done. She’s brilliant and always sorts things out for me. I’ve been trying to get a review on my anti depressants for two months as my repeat scrip had run out. I kept getting told the diabetes nurse will ring me and I can’t speak to the nurse practitioner for a review. The diabetes nurse finally rang today to renew my meds but couldn’t do my anti depressants as the “nurse practitioner has to do it.” You couldn’t make it up. I’ve officially given up now. I’ve had two foot checks this year as apparently the one the One Stop Diabetes shop did in January had to be repeated. Needless to say the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. And according to my notes I’m not depressed (how would they know they didn’t ask?) and I don’t have oedema ( hard for them to tell over the phone 🤷‍♀️) and I’ve had lifestyle advice (news to me) 😂. You get the feeling they’re simply ticking boxes but not doing the work. X

  2. Nice photo. I like the blue colour of it. I think about trying lists and when I'm thinking of it I do really well, but then I never follow through making them or get distracted. I seem to spend half my life being distracted or perhaps it's just me trying not to think about things so they don't bother me.

    I hope you find something that works for you.

  3. Lists are good; I like lists. Trying out different things is good, too. I hope all is well and you will be able to made the changes you want to make. :)

  4. keep knitting and tell the nay sayers bollocks !!!...I keep getting the whole have you considered you may be depressed routine from the online GP , yes im depressed , life is crap, the whole worlds off to hell in a handbasket and the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering in the very distance . I dont need to be doped up so i dont care that life is crap !!!

  5. Making lists is always a good place to start. I'm very much a 'lists' person and have taken to carrying a notebook containing all my current lists with me so I can update them whenever I get some inspiration.

    Please keep in mind that depression takes many forms and you can still be depressed even if you aren't feeling upset or down. Be kind to yourself and maybe think about taking advantage of the help that is available, i.e. through the GP service. It doesn't necessarily have to be help in the form of medication.

  6. If you take some cuttings from the honeysuckle and pop them in a glass of water one or two might root.