Tuesday 28 June 2022

I Worry

Cherie - I'm considering a bin bag! Bear has not given me access, but hasn't complained of losing anything so I'll take it as a win. I can't remember whether it's the cheap one, the expensive one or what. There's three and a half weeks left until the end of the term and then we can work on getting something (inexpensive) that he wants.

Bless - thank you. I can walk but I'm not enjoying moving. I first had it when I had bear, and that pretty much crippled me!

Eileen - thank you!

Bear had Chemistry and Biology exams today. The poor kid is shattered. He thinks he did okay in them, but we'll have to see. He said there were a few bits that he didn't know from last school year when he was spending so much time at the hospital. He is so much better now that it's hard to remember how much time we spent going back and forth to the hospital. I asked him if he would be okay to catch up and he said he would be fine. There are loads of YouTube videos about the exams, he said.

And this is where I started to worry. Bear told me that there are dozens and dozens of sites that promise that they could get kids 9s in their exams. 9 is the top mark these days, with 1 at the bottom. A 5 is considered a reasonable pass and I think it's the mark that is the equivalent of a C and will get you into most basic 'needs half way decent maths and English' starter jobs.

There is so much pressure on kids, though, that I worry. I wonder how many of these sites are scams, or misleading, or just wrong. I haven't got a hope of telling which is which myself. How could kids of 15 and 16 be expected to know? I hope bear can find his way through this, and I'll do all I can to encourage him, but it's a worry. 

I'm off for an early night now after failing at sleep last night. I did get a pic earlier about some strands of the healthy(ish) honeysuckle that have intertwined. I think I need to get some string over them and coax them along to the trellis that we bought for the dead honeysuckle. Sigh.

It's not brilliant, but it's the best I've managed so far.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I really like the photo. I like the silhouette against the dark blue sky. It sounds as though some of those sites are taking advantage of the worries both children and parents have. I wish they didn't put so much emphasis on tests. I don't think they are always an honest reflection of how a student is doing.

    Bear sounds like he's going through another growth spurt! I hated when all our children were taller than both husband and I!

  2. Does the school recommend suitable sites to help with revision? I know the BBC website used to have a good series of revision bites that helped friends' grandchildren with their revision but I don't know if that is still available.

    I really like your honeysuckle photo.

  3. School exams are stressful, aren't they? I think I worried more about them than my daughter did! Great photo of the honeysuckle vine!