Wednesday 15 June 2022

Not Caught Up

Bless - thank you for your kind wishes. I should have St Anthony on speed dial!

Cherie - it absolutely is! Mind you, I'm not good at any knitting that requires thought at the moment, so I see a long stretch of knitting blankets ahead.

Eileen - thank you.

Kate - I've heard people describe their laundry as 'Mount Washington' and right now, I sincerely identify!

I've lost track of where I am and what I've done. I've had a few bad nights on the run, which haven't helped, but it could be worse.

Bear was in for drama all of Sunday, with packed lunch. Apparently the issues with the costume continue and yesterday I was combing the area for a pair of grey trousers that bear will never wear again. Bear told me in the car on the way in that he needed these trousers the next day at the absolute latest. I would have been less forgiving if he had found out earlier, but he got the 'or else' text that morning!

Bear had to stay late on Monday, today and will be late tomorrow and Friday. Because he was due out at 5.30, I got there tonight around 4.55, which was okay for me as I dodged the rush hour traffic. Unfortunately, he didn't get out until 6.30. I used the time to knit, though. Here is 100g of King Cole Opium, starting with one stitch, increasing in the first stitch of every row, plain knit throughout, and a lot of waiting.

I need to get a better pic, and will once my brain starts working again. Close up of King Cole's Opium just being knitted, no fancy stitches at all. 

The thick and thin texture does all the work.

When I was at the hospital, most of the chairs didn't have notices except this one. 

I wondered whether that particular chair was haunted. That's a much more interesting explanation that social distancing and infection control, so I'll go with that. 

I still haven't found bear's kit. He thinks that he may have left it somewhere in school. I could cry. He got a negative in school for forgetting his kit and another one yesterday for forgetting a maths book. I think it's not surprising given how much pressure he is under from the teachers with drama and exams. However one more negative and that's a detention, and I think that would sink bear. 

By the way, did you know that it is an anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. Most of it has been repealed or replaced, but it was an important moment in history. I've written a few words on my writing blog here

I need to get more writing done but I'm sinking with a disaster area in the kitchen and dining room, bear's drama stuff (he was rehearsing the make up today), feeding everyone, getting new kit for bear (don't get me started), working out what he needs for climbing, etc etc etc. 

I'm giving up this evening and going to watch the Sewing Bee. Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. There's one of the original copies of the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral and one of the Magna Carta Barons came from Farleigh Hungerford (about three miles from where I live) so we dealt with that historic event a lot in local history lessons at school. I enjoyed the article you wrote about it.

    The school is definitely working Bear hard. How is he supposed to have time for exam revision when he is putting in all those extra hours for drama? I hope you are able to sort out his costume and find his missing kit ... good luck!

  2. Oh dear you sound as though you're ready for a good rest,, how about joining us tennis fans and spending the afternoons watching someone else running around!

  3. The variation in the thickness of the yarn is enough of a pattern, I think. It looks great.

  4. The blanket looks wonderful. I’ve never knitted with that before. Re Bear. I can well remember my son at that age. You needed to be a social secretary to keep up with it all x

  5. The knitting looks lovely. I really need to do some more. Perhaps when things settle down.

    Lol at the chair! That's so funny.