Monday, 9 February 2015

Bear is Bear

I managed to get bear out of bed this morning without using dynamite - just!  He has been exhausted by the weekend, although I suspect my brother's dog is also suffering.  He may actually be cuddled out.

I then started the negotiations for breakfast.  I am desperate for bear to go into school with something inside him, and as I was short of ingredients I was back relying on the cereal.  Bear did not favour cereal as he curled on the sofa with a throw over him.  I settled for vast amounts of yogurt.  I mean, there's some nutrition in there, isn't there?

I got him dressed, eventually, and out.  Watching bear get dressed downstairs this morning was like watching stop motion animation.  He would sit transfixed as dratted Loony Tunes was on with one sock poised over his toes.  Then the sock would go on and the other but he would pause, like a freeze frame, half way through buttoning his shirt.  How we ever make it to school on time is a miracle.

Then it is bed changing day.  I had persuaded DH to accept the possibility of a new duvet and now he is snug.  I could do with a new duvet but it isn't exactly urgent.  Bear's duvet is a thing of shame, flat and sad looking and lying limply inside the Doctor Who Tardis duvet cover.  If I had any confidence at all that bear would sleep under the duvet consistently I would immediately replace it.  However as I creep in every night to replace the covers, I can confirm that bear will happily snuggle under the Lakeland soft throw and the absolutely massively huge tiger through that uncle bought so many years ago, but, as far as I can tell, bear believes duvets are for sleeping on, like a secondary mattress topper.   That is, when I can get him to sleep in the bed at all.  To be honest, I am just desperate for him to get enough sleep to start with.  

I am stuffed once he is a teenager.

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