Friday, 27 February 2015

Seriously shopping

I need to get a grip on shopping.  If I had £1 for every time I have put this on a blog I still wouldn't have enough to cover the stupid impulse buys I've made.  Yesterday's haul included two shirts for DH (needed, as everyone in the office except him wears casual shirts so I need to get more casual shirts and hide the office ones), three shirts for father (not needed at all but I knew they would cheer him up and they were on sale) and a bottle of sherry.

I am going to have to stop going into Tesco on the way back from father.  I pick up some complete impulse stuff, and yesterday there was some sherry at half price.  I like sherry, in moderation, and  I normally don't get it, as it is so much for just something you drink, but I gave in to temptation.

A little sherry goes a long way.  It went all through the Great British Sewing Bee and on afterwards.  I was sipping in a ladylike way as I looked in awestruck horror at the corset construction and mused on how nice a man in a kilt looked, and just kept sipping.  I am not planning on trying to do anything that they did last night.  The thought of matching all that tartan for a kilt (plus no-one to wear one) and I am really not up to corsets, it made me shudder and pour another very small sherry.

It is now after lunch and I still have the hangover.  I think I'll put the rest of the bottle away until Christmas.

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