Friday, 13 February 2015

Timing is everything

We had the men out to look at our hot water today.  I think it is sorted, but who knows?  Sometimes I think that plumbing is more of an art than a science.  I mean, the theory is clear but then you have men with screwdrivers behind their ears tapping thoughtfully at pipes and going 'hmm' and you know that it's one of those that isn't covered in the manual and could be any one of a dozen things, many of them expensive.

Today I only got charged the call out, but the parts warranty on my boiler runs out soon.  Actually it runs out on 23 February.  That is, it runs out in ten days time.  I have ten days to confirm this is working properly or be charged for parts if it turns out to be something more than a twiddle with the stop cock.

Reading this I feel almost convinced I should bet that my boiler will implode at one minute past midnight on the 24th of February, but no bookie would accept it.

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