Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bear on Thin Ice

Negotiations continue about piano lessons.  I could hear bear pushing his luck with the teacher this morning.  Bear is definitely putting in the minimum effort in the hope that I will give up.  I am unimpressed.

The piano lessons could be a really good thing for him, giving him all sorts of benefits.  He can manage them, but I don't know how much longer I will have the strength to keep him going (lots happening that isn't on here).

It is just the same with his reading books.  I gave up trying to make him read at home when I listened to him working his way through a Children's Encyclopedia.  His reading is fine, he just can't be bothered with the reading books.  As school haven't complained yet I am letting him get away with it.  For now.  This position may change.

The battle for the homework will begin when bear gets home from The Entertainer sale (75% off this weekend).  I am pushing it now, but when he gets to secondary school he will be on his own, and if he doesn't get it done and gets into trouble then that is his problem.

He isn't even a teenager yet!

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  1. I can't remember how long Bear has been learning piano or what stage he has reached. I usually ask my younger pupils to practice for about fifteen minutes three times a week. In some ways it depends on the child depending on how well they remember what has been taught in the lesson and how much self motivation they have. My pupils range from children with severe dyslexia autusm in the family to those who are academically and musically gifted. If Bear has been learning for around 2 years I would expect him to be working towards his first ABRSM exam, which then means extra practice for a couple of months before the date. His ambivalence may be due to the piano method he is being taught. Some are good and some are excrutiatingly boring. I find many boys like the Bastien method, it's American but teaches them jazz and blues rhymns, which they enjoy. Isuspect Bear likes performing so it might be worth suggesting his teacher enter him for local competitions which would give him something to aim for. You might also suggest he think about giving a concert for his grandfather's nursing home. His teacher could also help organise this with his other pupils. There are many different ways to skin a cat!