Sunday, 1 March 2015

Disappearing Dog

Witch Hazel - ice in sherry sounds nice, but I would have still been hungover.  Though I may take the risk tonight.

Sarah - bear has been learning the piano on and off.  At first we went to a teacher that didn't really challenge him and we had to travel.  Bear was awful, really awful, and after he was rude to the teacher in front of DH we abandoned those lessons.  I should add, the teacher let him get away with it.  I was mortified.  Bear is very, very rarely rude, but he was getting away with murder and I think he thought his father would be less likely to raise hell about rudeness.  He was wrong.

So since September a lovely piano teacher has come to our house on a Saturday morning.  Bear has already learned more with this new teacher in six months than he did with the old teacher in over two years, and is having a good go with two hands and doing okay.  The teacher seems happy enough.  Bear does try on the 'can't remember what to practice' and 'confused about what I am doing' which the new teacher seems to have rumbled.  Bear forgets nothing.  I have just been clear, piano is not negotiable.  I had to abandon martial arts, I could no longer physically drag bear along to the sessions across town and the teacher wouldn't allow him to just do one session so with a sigh of relief I abandoned that.  Bear has to do at least one thing that he isn't brilliant at immediately.  I think the new teacher will be putting him in for grading when appropriate.  Bear actually quite enjoys it, but has times when he can't be bothered, and I don't let him off the hook.

My brother visited with his dog again today.  We were leaving when suddenly we couldn't find the dog.  All the doors were shut, the little sweetie could only be in one of two rooms.  Despite my poor housewifery there aren't that many places to hide, even for a little dog.  We turned the rooms upside down and inside out.  She had wedged herself at the back underneath a chair.  She didn't want to leave last time either.  It may be a sign.

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  1. Glad to hear of Bear's progress with the new teacher. With my pupils I tick every page they have to practice so if the page hasn't been crossed off during the lesson, then you practice all pages with a tick. What I meant to add to yesterday's comment was suggesting a system that if Bear missed a time he was supposed to practice, his pocketmoney was docked by a suitable amount. Just a thought.