Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Weather is happening

We haven't had the rain and possibly even a smidgeon of snow that has been forecast yet but the wind is howling around.  Even though we are incredibly sheltered it is still fierce.

This is a bit unfortunate as Nice Mr Next Door still hasn't moved out.  He was supposed to vacate the premises on 20th March.  When I went out to the bin just now there were six vehicles, the box from a lorry, at least a dozen old tyres and a spotlight on a stand still around, along with miscellaneous junk heaped in the garden.  It now looks like the rain is ready to start and nothing has been done this morning.  It could be some time yet.  Still, I think most of the house is empty.

I am devastated that he is moving.  I am also worried.  Our next neighbours are going to be people who don't mind the kitchen ceiling falling in.  That means desperate people.

STOP THE PRESS I have just received a text telling me that my J & S Appliance delivery will be tomorrow.  I haven't ordered an appliance.  I haven't ordered anything like that for ages.  I confess to a bid on a ridiculous amount of curtain fabric (still not outbid, still keeping fingers crossed).  However there has been no appliances.  Seriously, no appliances.  What am I supposed to do if a spare washing machine turns up?  I mean, I've just picked up a cheap chopping board from ebay, but seriously, it cost £1.98 inclusive and I got it because my wooden ones were cracking to splinters.

I shall see tomorrow what turns up.  

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