Sunday, 8 March 2015

Overheard on bus

'What kind of chicken can't fly?'
'A roast chicken!'

The two lads, around eight or nine, fell about laughing while an older sister was saying, 'Wait, that doesn't make sense...'

I got bear some click and collect red jeans from F&F, to be picked up at Tesco.  While there are many, many, many Tescos around, there is none near me.  I had to get two buses.  I went for click and collect because not only did it make sure that they arrived on time but it meant no postage charges.  Bear is not impressed.  He loves red and he approves of their colour.  He is a bit lukewarm about their length, which isn't ridiculously long but could lose an inch or two.  They are twisted fit chinos like these

They conveniently have a turn up at the bottom and another turn up with the aid of a bit of sellotape or a few stitches wouldn't hurt.  Bear isn't too worried about that.  He is mainly concerned that the jeans are about four inches too big on the waist.  Despite bear's best attempts, there is more meat on a butcher's pencil.  He is skinny.  There is no waist on him.  He will probably wear these jeans (which I really, really don't like) for years.  That is, once he gets over the issue of needing a belt.

I bought DH some tracker bars.  He really likes trackers and I thought it would be a nice treat as they hadn't been available online shopping for a while.  It was only on the bus back that I spotted the salt content.  It's a learning curve.

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