Thursday, 19 March 2015

Excuses, Excuses

Witch Hazel - I have looked at doing it that way, but there are still just too many layers for the machine to deal with easily.  I was considering either hand sewing or glue.  I haven't bought ready made curtains for the main rooms before, and with them having to be so big they need a big space to lay out which I don't really have.  I mean, it isn't impossible, but it is easier for a professional to get it right.  I know many households where spending @ £200 on curtains for two rooms isn't considered a lot but it is a fortune to me.  The curtains they replaced cost less than £50 for the two rooms!  The new ones look a lot better and are lined and a much nicer fabric.  Mind you, it does depend on how much it costs to get them altered...

Wean - don't think curtains made of ties haven't been considered.  Years and years ago we stopped in a place where the lady had not been sure about what curtains she wanted, so she sewed quite wide curtains in four inch strips of different colours, dozens and dozens of strips.  It looked amazing.  I am tempted...

Another random purchase has arrived and bear has claimed a piece of bobbly fleece.  He loves it soooo much he wants to cuddle into it.  I'm tempted to speak to my friend, ebay, and get him some, I can sew some bias binding around the edge and it will be cuddled into, slept on, in and over, used as camouflage, a tent, a cave and possible a magic carpet (going on past experience).  Fortunately I can't find his favourite colour and I am not looking too hard.  I need to STOP BUYING STUFF.

The iron wasn't delivered with the groceries.  I am not particularly surprised that it had sold out as it was better than half price.  I don't feel like dragging myself out as my bits are not being nice and it is a training day.  Besides, bear had a spectacularly wonderful report at parents' evening and was promised to be allowed to do nothing all day.  My current alleged iron that is limp and fading will have to do tonight and I'll look at getting another tomorrow.

I think I'll just pop back to my friend and have a look at the fleece again...


  1. Those strip curtains sound nice. I have some patchwork curtains half finished because I don't have anywhere to set up my sewing machine, that's why I'm knitting and crocheting at the moment, I can do that on the sofa !

  2. Hi Sybil, if you buy fleece for Bear you shouldn't need to bind it as it doesn't fray

  3. If the curtains are lined hem the inside fabric first, then hem the outside fabric. This way it isn't too thick and the lining can be cut shorter if needed and it is okay to have the lining hang separately. If needed just tack it to the side hem. Hope that helps. BTW I saw a lovely coat that was made out of ties. It was fitted on the top then with an almost full length bottom that flaired out full at the bottom. Loved it.