Monday, 2 March 2015

Failing at Sherry

I don't know if it is this particular brand of sherry but in future I will have to stick to one very small, ladylike glass.  To put this into context, I used one of those nutella jars that turn into glasses and I had two sherries, both of them about a quarter of the glass.  I am such a lightweight.

I am relying on a bought costume for bear on Thursday.  As I haven't worked out how to thread up the sewing machine, a costume may be a bit ambitious, especially as I am out all tomorrow with father at hospital.  However, after looking with appalled attention at the costume, I aim to have a go before the Easter Holidays.

Approved Food parcel came today.  I've had some sweet potato gluten free crisps.  I've handed over a large amount of goodies to next door.  I am going to miss them so much when they move.

I'm feeling maudlin,  I shall have to switch back to a nice cup of tea.

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