Monday, 30 March 2015

Bear continues with a spider

Bear and school were both very clear.  The school are expecting bear to turn up tomorrow with a decorated egg, 50p and parental involvement expected.  Bear is expecting me to decorate the egg, provide 50p and stop nagging about homework.  In a few years time, bear will be on his own with homework.  However as he is still eight I will remind him, though I refuse to do it for him.

I decorated the egg.  It looks like this.

The glue is drying nicely and bear condescends to admit it is adequate - just.

Bear is coming down with something gruesome and green nosed.  He is very pink cheeked and is doing a very good impression of a teenager, which is not welcome.  This morning he carefully placed his dirty underwear all bundled up ready to go for the wash.  I watched him walk away, all in his uniform and ready for school.  Then I told him to put his clean socks on this time.
'How did you know?'
'The sticker you refused to take off your sock yesterday is still there.  You haven't changed your socks.'
'Awww muuuuuum...'

He's advanced in reading, he's advanced in maths, I suppose we just have to deal with him being advanced at being awkward.

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