Friday, 27 March 2015

Bear in all his glory

After a phenomenal battle, bear went into town, reluctantly allowed himself to be measured for new shoes, agreed that actually he would pay for the fancy pen in WH Smiths himself - and then convinced the lady at the checkout he was starving.  He looked piteously at her as he made a pitch for eating a cream egg on the way to the bus as he hadn't eaten since lunchtime.  He had only failed to eat since lunchtime because he had utterly rejected food before we got to the shops.  Sigh.

Anyway, after the battle the reward was this...

Bear had his first fencing lesson.  He liked it.  And we don't have to buy any kit unless he gets really into it.  At least for a while.

He paid attention.  He watched and tried it carefully.  He listened to what he was told.  I was so proud of him.


  1. Gosh he's getting grown up! Fencing sounds exciting - good luck xxx

  2. You have a very handsome son. He looks so happy. I am happy he has found his niche. Look forward to hearing how he progresses.