Friday, 13 March 2015

Bear is inconsolable

I picked him up from school.  He had hoped he would be going to stay with a friend of mine.  I had gone with father to a hospital appointment and was worried that father wouldn't get back in time for me to pick up bear.  I was frantic, on pins, then dashed back in a hurry - and bear was devastated.  Why was it only mother that picked him up, why was life so unfair?  Bear sat at his computer and sobbed.  He is now comforting himself with hot chocolate.

You can see quite a bit out of the hospital transport ambulance windows, and the dark, black lace curtains are no longer hung at one particular window.  I'd quite admired them, thinking how quirky.  However white curtains with exactly the same unusual pattern are hanging there now, and I wonder if someone has had a sudden attack of housewifery, whether there has been a really bad dust problem or if someone has added a bit more bleach than planned.

I bought a magazine for the potential looong wait at the hospital, which I was glad of.  It was a home decorating magazine.  This may as well be fiction for the chances of it happening in the next six months, but I got it anyway.  I flicked through with limp interest, but then I saw it, the most wonderful idea ever.  Someone had painted their stairs and then pasted wallpaper on the risers, the upright bits that look at you as you go upstairs.  It looked awesome and how much easier to just wipe over painted steps instead of brushing the carpet hard?

Obviously it is never going to happen, as the noise issue would be horrific.  Just one eight year old lad stomping up stairs causes massive noise even with carpet.  But I can't help but think how marvellous it would be.  Thank goodness DH is a voice of reason.

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