Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Sins Have Found Me Out

This is what 90 ties look like.  The man knocked on the door and I wondered what would happen if I hid behind the sofa.

I've had a bit of a brief rummage.  Some of these are glorious.  This one has a pattern of daisies on it.

Then this seems a bit more heraldic, though still floral.

The ties seem to be from the lower end of the market like Asda or Matalan.  Some seem to have been there for the sort of man who is very confident.  Some are definitely low key.  Some are the narrow ties you got in the eighties and I swear there are some real kipper ties in there.  There are some stonking patterns, like these

And some masculine stripes

So all I need to do is get going, right?

I saw daffodils on the way to see father today, and he has taken some of his medicines.


  1. I would love a box of ties like that - just think of the pretty patchwork items you can make.