Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sometimes I struggle

DH visited father today and called me from the nursing home.  Did I know father was going in to hospital tomorrow for an outpatient appointment?  I didn't.

From what we can work out this is the same procedure that I went with him to last week.  It is to try and work out if anything can be done about his ability to eat.  At the moment he is having a lot of trouble talking and it is only because he spent fifteen minutes struggling to ask DH about this that we found out.

I have told the nursing home that I need a fortnight's notice.  I just can't drop every thing.  There are reasons I don't want to put in the internet why it isn't a good idea for bear to go to after school club, and now my neighbours have moved I have no-one to lean on at short notice.  DH is upset at the whole mess, and I am once again caught between the welfare of my father and my son and my poor husband is stressed beyond belief.  DH's blood pressure is a steady 170 over 140 and he needs to be fussed over, not stressed even more at this.  The staff couldn't find the details, and of course the hospital admin are not in until tomorrow to find out what exactly is going on.  It may not even be necessary.  There has been a lot of confusion over the whole thing.  I just wish father could get better.

The sun is shining and my new iron is working particularly well.   Time to hold on to the good stuff.

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