Thursday, 5 March 2015

School Dress Up

We had six days notice that bear had to dress up today.  I have just noticed on the school website that he has to dress up again next Friday though I haven't had the notice through.  Where the heck am I supposed to get red trousers for bear?  And will he ever wear them again without looking like an idiot?  I haven't really enough time to get stuff online, so it will be a trudge around the shops with everything crossed.

I am unimpressed.

Thanks for all the good wishes.  Father is unlikely to immediately affected by the lack of medication.  I am asking whether he wants to go for the follow up to his cancer scare, as it will mean taking a lot more medicine.  He is still thinking about that.

Today I signed up for a sewing course.  I am not entirely convinced, but as bear is so dubious about me going outside the house I think it is necessary.  It doesn't start for a few weeks so it gives me some time to work out how to thread the dratted sewing machine.

No, I really don't feel like sewing bear some red trousers.


  1. Hey Sybil could you get bear some red pj bottoms and at least he'd get the good of them again,
    Kathleen x

  2. Hugs, and lots of them. SO glad that my two are passed the "dress up" for charity stage and can just do "Pay £1 and wear what you like" - so much easier! Take care - and good luck with the sewing - that sounds like a good idea xx