Friday, 20 March 2015

Just passing through

Thank you for the lovely comments.  I suspect that the real problem with altering the curtains is lack of courage.  I have also come to my senses (no doubt briefly) and decided bear does not need a red fleece blanket to go with the absolutely humungously huge tiger throw, the fleece snuggle throw, the duvet (with Tardis duvet cover), the dalek fleece blanket and the cyberman fleece blanket.  That child is not short of warm things.

DH was an absolute hero and bought an iron for me.

I have bought the flowers that father instructed poor DH to get me for Mother's Day.  I feel it is important that bear sees the right things being done.

Nice Mr Next Door was supposed to move out today.  There are still six cars in the street belonging to him, not including the one he drives.  The garden is also still overflowing with 'things'.  However as Nice Mrs Next Door has already moved out, the landlord will now have to speak to the lovely man next door.  The landlord doesn't speak to men unless he really can't corner a woman.  I don't know how the landlord is going to go on now.  Even though Nice Mr Next Door is really lovely and not a problem to talk to at all.

The eclipse was okay but I probably won't put it in a book.

The bees are back.  They looked very busy but I don't know many flowers out at the moment.

Bear's report at parent's evening was storming.  I am incredibly proud of him.

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