Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fitting it all together

Father was supposed to have a hospital appointment today.  The nursing home didn't tell me it was cancelled and rearranged - and now I have to arrange a pick up for bear on 31st of March.  DH took this afternoon off, but he can't keep doing that, and the neighbours who I would unhesitatingly relied on will have moved.  I am trying to work stuff out, how to fit stuff in, and I am panicking a bit.

Mind you, I cheered up a bit later.  I was looking up a link to 'Digging up the Past' (available here for a very reasonable outlay) when I found this - a cure for, among other things, meteorism.  I assume it is a poor translation rather than protection from being hit by meteorites.  I had been so careful choosing a name that had no associations, but apparently now it has.

It seems a useful product, though I currently do not suffer from any of the ailments it is designed to alleviate, I shall definitely bear it in mind.  

1 comment:

  1. Sybs could you not put Bear in After School Club for that day and then you could pick him up when you get back or Hubby could pick him up on his way home from work?