Friday, 20 March 2015

Bear is Eggs-cited!

Well, better than he was.  He brought home the letter telling us that he was to decorate an egg.  The letter states, and I quote, 'All eggs will be judged as having had adult assistance.'  Darn.  This means I will have to have a go.

Bear utterly rejected the entire concept of Easter Egg Decoration.  It has been an epic fail every time he has tried to do this, it isn't fair.  Why does he have to do it?  He would even do extra literacy homework instead, it just isn't fair!  I have let him off the 'design a Christmas Card' treadmill as it was traumatic for everyone concerned, but the wording of this letter didn't leave much wiggle room.


However, when I did a bit of googling I found some interesting ideas.  On YouTube there was a tutorial for making a spider out of a piece of egg carton.  This can be adapted and I can see, well, realistically it is going to be mainly either me or DH, us dyeing/painting the egg black, sticking on pipe cleaners for legs, sticking on the goggle eyes, cutting little paper fangs and setting up an awesome web with yarn over an egg box.

Also, you can apparently wrap an egg in an old tie and boil it in vinegar and water.  The suggestion is number five on the list here.  My tie stash includes some storming patterns and it is very tempting.  I have so many, including these...

 ... but as they are polyester I don't think the 'boil in water and vinegar' trick will work.

Bear is now satisfied that this time it will be okayish and tolerable and he will concentrate on delegating the work (or trying to - I have Views as well, and that includes him pitching in!).  Besides, the poor lamb is about to get a headache.  I am about to insist on piano practice.

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  1. Sybs my four have all endured this annual eggfest and on the whole have had a good time whilst I have approached it with the same trepidation that I suspect I would have to root canal surgery lol.I do have a suggestion that might be the answer to your problems and that is Easter Egg Tree.Have no idea what you are talking about? Well neither did I until I found it on a Googlefest looking for ideas for my YD's annual effort.Its basically a sturdy painted twig planted in a pretty pot and then you hang a few decorated eggs off it.We did a Decoupage one,a threaded one,another covered in feathers and the last one we just painted with pretty patterns.A few fluffy chicks and chocolate eggs scattered around and hey presto job done and not a single tantrum in sight.Might not be what you are looking for but worth having a google as they are really effective and incredibly easy to construct