Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bear will be pleased

I was sitting and looking at the curtains.  They really need shortening, which was the point of me getting the dratted sewing machine last year.  I've thought long and hard, and I don't think I can do it.  I suspect that the layers of lining, fabric and heading tape will be too thick for my machine.  I am sure there are ways around it, but I have a strong feeling that my skills aren't up to it.  I had considered hand sewing and fabric glue, but I think I will be better off getting them professionally shortened as (for me) they were so expensive.

But what would I do while they were away being shortened?  I went to talk it over with my friend ebay.  I couldn't find anything I either liked or could afford in the fabrics, but have you seen the selection of duvet covers?!  Some of the inexpensive ones are quite mouth watering.  At the rock bottom, if I just used the very basic cheapo ones I could curtain every one of the nine windows in the house for £50 including thread, heading tape, post and packing.  They wouldn't be lined, but they would cover the window for the summer while the expensive curtains were being shortened.  I mean, I could even do it by hand while watching tv.  It would be easier than buying ready made because of the awkward size of the various windows.

And then I realised that while the sort of chalky blue and faded beige that I was looking at would look brilliant in every room, bear would not be impressed.  However, and this is a big deal, while they do not make Doctor Who branded curtains in a size that fits bear's room, they do make single duvets.  Single duvets that are 78 inches long can very easily be converted to curtains for a 76 inch drop.

I'm not considering even purchasing the duvets/fabric or whatever until some conditions have been met.  I will have been to at least three lessons on the sewing course I have enrolled in.  I will have made at least three successful tote bags which are supposed to be so easy - using the sewing machine.  And I will have made bear his curtains.  Bear will be pleased.


  1. DSybil, I read somewhere of a really easy way to shorten curtains. nstead of trimming and rehemming at the bottom, simply take of the header tape, trim the size from the top, and then put the header tape back on! Much easier than trying to sort out neat hems at the bottom, as any mistakes will be hard to see.
    Worth a try maybe?

  2. how about sewing the ties together to make curtains ? (he he)