Thursday, 26 March 2015

First Sewing Lesson

My first sewing lesson.  We got sewing machines out of the cupboard, I plugged mine in, tried to raise the presser foot and it fell off.

Then we watched a dress being laid and cut out, with all the notches and tailor tacks.  I was intimidated.  The selvedges had to be folded in to the middle and some bits were to the fold and others were just two pieces and it all looked very bewildering.  Afterwards I managed to sew a (very nearly) straight line in a piece of paper.

The thing is, I've watched loads of bits about sewing over the years, so I know the theory about sewing with the nap and pattern repeats and all sorts.  I've just never actually done it.  I am confident that it will be harder than it looks.

I've also sort of got onto Pinterest, under Lyssa Medana.  When I work out what to do with it, I'm sure I'll have loads of fun!

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  1. Sybil, why don't you invest in a get-to-know-your-machine sewing lesson? Lots of places do them as classes, and lots of one-to-one lessons. It's probably easier to start by making a cushion or something, so you can concentrate on learning the capabilities of your machine, and then progress to dressmaking where you have to learn about patterns and so on. I speak from experience - I had sewing machine phobia until last summer when I bought a machine to make some bunting. I learned how to do the bunting by watching something online, and then I just moved on from there. I need to organise a sewing lesson myself so that I can learn about patterns, but the machine bit is well under control now.