Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What is an Appliance

Yesterday I received a text and email that I was going to have an appliance delivered.  I hadn't ordered an appliance.  I confess I had to check as I have not been having a brilliant time and have been spending a bit too much time with my friend eBay, but I had no hint of anything.

This morning I got the time it was likely to be delivered - just at the time I had my first hair appointment for a very, very long time.  Father had been insisting.  I was on pins, tracking the appliance on the very conveniently linked website and watching it getting nearer and nearer as I was blow dried.  I got to my house with minutes to spare, I didn't even have time to put the kettle on.

It was a chopping board.  It was a plain chopping board that had cost pennies.  The total I spent for the board plus postage wouldn't have covered half the postage.  The delivery man was chuckling.  Apparently it was on 'must be delivered before noon' as well.  I do not believe a chopping board is an appliance.  In this case it is a bit of pine.  While I was relieved not to have an unexpected tumble dryer, a bit of plank was a let down.

I think I may have to cool my friendship with eBay a little.  I've not found any really nice lampshades that would fit the 'plain, dull, not too short, probably magnolia' description.  I have found some dreadful, dreadful things done in the name of lampshades, though, so I may just end up on the market.

I have also been looking at tablecloths.  My pvc tablecloth is now battle-scarred and shouldn't be tumble dried and I wondered if I would be better off with a thickish cloth I could both wash and tumbledry, bleach and soak in Ace.  The kitchen table is the £30 find we got that is thinly varnished with that cheap brown stain so isn't perfect and would be better for some protection, but I can put an underlay of fleece which not only would wash and tumble dry but I also have in abundance.  I looked on my friend. There are some dreadful things done in the name of tablecloths.  I'm considering some second hand previously Indian Restaurant stock at a very inexpensive price, far less expensive than the fabric.

Or I may just not bother now that the time of year for drying outside is coming up.  There is no hurry, after all.

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