Thursday, 16 April 2015

I Wilted Some Salad Greens

Actually I poured a kettle of boiling water over some of the dandelions that are growing between the flags in the garden, but it looked like what happens with the fancy chefs.

The garden looks like a distressed area but it can only pick up.  I've pulled up some nettles, and refused to save them for soup.  I can only imagine bear's expression.  I'm pulling up a weed or two every time I go out.  I will have to a concerted effort at some later time.  The courgettes are looking a bit healthier and I gave them a fine spray with a spray bottle.  The compost looked damp so I didn't want to flood them, but I wanted to give them a bit of moisture.

Actually, today has been a bit odd.  It is only @ 10.30am as I type, but I have weeded, stripped beds, filled the dishwasher, filled the washing machine, got something out of the freezer for dinner and filled a bin bag with rubbish from the porch.  Actually almost clearing the porch has revealed the rose for the watering can, and that is a help.  I have an apple tree in a tub that needs watering as well, but I can just bung a bucket on with that.

I've been doing all that but actually I feel really poorly, very dizzy and disorientated.  It's probably not anything important, and I keep waiting for it to wear off, but it does feel odd.

Here are my wilted greens

And by the way, does anyone know what this is?  It's all over bear's apple tree.  With the bees around I don't want to splash chemicals around, but this is bear's tree.  It was brought from uncle's as it was bear's.  It was planted for him when he was born.  It's important.  I thought I would ask here, but I will also be fossicking around the internet etc.  It's a bit sad that I am the most greenfingered person I know in real life - and I really am not!

Another worrying thing is that when I popped out for these photos I filled two bin bags just with the bits of rubbish in the corners of the garden and a few weeds (plenty left!) and put in another load of washing - all the time feeling very poorly when I bent over.  I suppose I  might as well make the most of it.

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