Saturday, 11 April 2015

Feeling a Bit Inadequate

I've been reading the instructions in a book to make a fabric storage cube.  There are a few issues with DH's magazines and a storage cube may work better than the current rather nice magazine rack.  There is a few snags.  I am not entirely sure my machining is neat enough.  I am not very confident with the way they sort of fit handles between lining and outer layer.  Also, they require ten squares, each measuring nine inches, of fusible stiffener.  The instructions only mention five.  Darn.  IKEA sell very reasonably priced storage cubes, it makes more sense.  I priced up the fusible stiffener and it is £6.29, which is a lot when I'll probably have a go with some second hand duvet/curtain material to make sure I'm doing it right before attacking it with 'proper' fabric, which means two lots of stiffener.  That comes to £12.58 before I've even touched fabric and thread.

On the other hand, if I'm swearing over fusible buckram perhaps then I won't be spending randomly on eBay.  It may be a saving.  I'm currently browsing elderly, used curtains with a view to finding the fabric to make bear a cloak.  He may accept a cloak (though I am not going to put a bet on it).  There are truly dreadful things done in the name of curtains.

Another concern is that eBay may get jealous of my growing relationship with Amazon.  For the first time in nearly twenty years we are getting a new shower curtain.  This is completely random, actually quite needed and it looks like this.

I really need to step away from the shopping opportunity.

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  1. When you're struggling with the sewing machine you can't be shopping :-) It's so tempting though to take the easier route especially if there is no price difference. Just think how proud you'd be once storage cube made and if you go to IKEA you'd probably come back with more than that! Good luck whatever you decide! Christine.