Friday, 10 April 2015

Sitting Down Day

There is a high chance of small boys running around today.  Unfortunately there are some that can't be trusted not to break nice things, so I can't risk setting up sewing.  I really, really want to finish the bag and I have seen a lot of things I would really like to try.  Some of them require fusible stiffener.  I'm not exactly sure what fusible stiffener even looks like, but I'll have a quick chat with my friend eBay and I'm sure I'll work it out.

I won't be able to watch tv.  I keep telling small boys to turn the computer volume down and to shut the door over but have had the success you would expect.  Bear is currently into Pokemon.  I am pretending it isn't happening.  I also have to listen out for parcel(s).

So I am having a Sitting Down Day.  I don't have many 'running around' days anyway, but today is a sitting down day, so that is writing, surveys, possibly a smidgeon of knitting and the strong possibility of a rag rug.

I looked on WikiCommons for pictures of buckram, which seems to be what fusible stiffener is based on, and I found that it is another name for wild garlic or ransoms that grow so prolifically around here.  We will be getting the flowers soon, but here is a picture which is a lot prettier than horsehair fabric.

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