Saturday, 4 April 2015

I Felt Brave

I threaded up my sewing machine for the first time.  I hacked some pieces of an old duvet (should have ironed, I think, but didn't bother), watched the dvd twice, followed the guides on the machine and went for it.  You can see the result above.

I had a few issues with tension and the hole is where I tried to use the buttonhole function and it all sort of got sucked into the works.  I realised too late that I should have used the buttonhole foot.  I shall consider that later - much later.

Then once I had dug it out I had a few issues with rethreading the thing.  I used some language.  I jammed it again.  But I got it running properly and practiced going up and down again.

I bought a sewing magazine on Thursday for change (and indulgence, I wish I could fool myself).  In it is a pattern for a tube scarf.  I have never worn a tube scarf.  However you sew together six fat quarters, two rows of three, in a tube then the ends to each other and you then wear it.  It sounded plausible.

I had to look up what fat quarters were.  I had sort of heard the name, but I had to check the size.  Then I had a quick word with my friend eBay and nearly fell off my chair at the prices they were asking.  I did see one bit of fabric I liked and it was sort of striped and I thought it would be cute to have the stripes all running in different directions - until I worked out the price.  It would cost @ £15!  That's more than I pay for a pair of jeans/shoes/top/any item of clothing.

However it looks a really useful way to learn to sew seams, so I am going to keep cutting up bits of old duvet, ironing them, cutting them to size, and then having a go.  I found a tutorial here, but there seems to be loads on the web.  The results can be taken to Nice Mr Next Door's new house for his rags.  Though if he continues to fail to move out I shall be able to just hand them over to him.

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