Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bear likes Maths

Apparently bear is very good at maths for his age.  He sat at the table in the Tutor's room (she is lovely!) and did maths tests - and loved them!  It would be absolute hot hell for me, and to be honest I didn't know a lot of the answers that bear did, but all I know is that bear was very happy.  He came away giddy, bouncy and full of excitement.  The Tutor was a bit surprised as normally she takes on children who are struggling or are trying to pass entrance exams.  Bear is really not struggling and as the local grammar is the other side of the city and at least an hour's travel each way I don't think I'd ever get him there, so no stress about the 11 plus.

I worry about bear.  At the moment he is getting the equivalent of something like drama or street dance that he loves.  He also gets out of the house.  I really don't want him feeling any pressure.  I don't want him to lose friends by gloating about how clever he is.  I don't want him feeling pushed where he isn't comfortable.

I'll keep an eye on things and see how it goes.  As long as bear is getting the benefit I am happy to keep going.

I had a look on WikiCommons for a picture of maths.  I found the pictures very intimidating, but I chose this because now bear knows what an obtuse angle is.  It hasn't been covered yet at school but it was in the tests and the tutor explained.  Bear got it.  I never did.  At least I can help with the literacy homework.

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