Friday, 3 April 2015


I did a serious clean under bear's desk in the study yesterday.  I think I need to be a bit more vigilant there, as it was a grim, grim task and showed I had not nearly got up all of the hundreds and thousands he had spilled over the floor last week (don't ask).

I also found the clean socks I gave him yesterday.  What do I have to do to get that child to change his socks?  The way he carries on you would think that that I was asking him to do a full pedicure instead of just putting on a clean pair.  It isn't so bad on an eight year old but my limited experience of teenage boys says that one day I will be dealing with a hulking fourteen year old who really needs to change his socks.

I'm going to have to go back to bear's desk again and pull everything out properly and get DH to help me with the rat's nest of wires before doing a vacuum, then stiff brush, then vacuum again.  Part of the problem is that desk was moved into that position around 1996.  Before then there was a more rickety desk from the day we moved in.  It isn't a little desk.  I bought it for £2.50 when the court got new furniture.  It is around five feet long (@ 150cm) and about thirty inches deep (@ 75cm) and is seriously solid.  It has always had a computer on it.  I really dread to think what I may find at the very back.  It will probably include a pair of bear's clean socks.

I looked on Wiki Commons for an appropriate picture, but after I found a full frontal picture of a naked man wearing only socks I thought I would leave the whole sock picture business well along.  Here is a pretty picture of something else.  It was the first random picture that came up and seemed quite appropriate for Good Friday.

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