Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bearing Up

I'm having a bit of a fail day, with epic amounts of self pity.  However loads of good stuff is around if I look for it.  The courgettes are not yet dead.  I may be getting equally lovely neighbours.  Also, bear is being, well, bear.

I suggested going to a museum on Saturday, after the bird of prey visit.  If you could have heard the sarcasm bear managed to fit into his 'Yay!' you would have thought I had a teenager.  Of all the ways he could be advanced, this is not the one I would have chosen but if you could have heard him giving me grief about his party you would have added five years to him.  The maths tutor was a witness to this and she could barely stop herself from laughing out loud (he didn't get away with it).

In fact yesterday bear rejoiced that it had been PE and maths and he had had extra maths - those were my worst nightmares at school!  Where did I go right?

This photo from WikiCommons is titled 'You scared me!' but to me it is saying, 'Yay, a chance to go around a dusty museum I can't wait - not!'  I'm braced.

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