Thursday, 23 April 2015

Feel the Fail and Do it Anyway

We started making a pincushion in class.  I'm doing okay on the straight sewing but I had an epic fail on the curves.  I'll put up a pic when we finish it next week, such as it is.  It was great to have a go with.  The teacher (who is lovely) used the filling from an old pillow for the stuffing.  It was a sort of patchwork, where you use eight triangles to make a larger square, then sew them together.  It was excellent practice.  The machining was okay but my ability to cut out was seriously challenged and I pressed things all wrong.  It's a great way to learn.  I shall be patchworking with my ties so I want to have a good go with other stuff first to learn what I can do wrong - and then avoid the fails!

On the bright side, the rosemary tree has been in for nearly 24 hours and still isn't dead.

Also some more fabric came.  I actually spent @ £1 per metre on this (including p&p, of course).

It's a not-too-lightweight polyester, very pleasant, around 60 inches or 150 cm wide and roughly 20 metres long.  Fortunately I do have a plan for that.  Though I may have to ask DH to help me fold it.

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