Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Packed Programme

Yesterday bear went to the dentist.  Not only were there no problems but he charmed them - again.  Then we went shopping and I bought him some trainers - and that was hard!  A few months ago  I bought him some trainers from M&S for school which cost £12 and I was reluctantly agreeing to get a second pair to keep at home, because they were apparently awesome.  Except bear spotted a different pair.  Apparently these were even more awesome - and more expensive!

He charmed the shop assistant at M&S as well and she said she couldn't resist his smile.  We had lunch in his favourite cafe where he was once again utterly spoiled.  Then we called in to get some lavender oil.  If you had seen the performance bear put on when I asked him to sniff it you would have thought he had had a lungful of mustard gas.  I am still going to be putting it on the cuts, scratches, grazes and stings he is collecting regardless of any drama.

All this pales to nothing compared to the wonderful thing that is happening later today.  Bear is getting extra maths.  He is very keen so I am rather reluctantly taking him somewhere.  I don't want to have a child that has been pushed to be good at maths.  However as bear has been asking for extra maths for some time now, I have caved.  I've asked that they stick to around the current curriculum and give him plenty of 'sums'.  I can't keep up and neither can DH.

Sometimes I wonder.  At the last parents' evening the teacher told us that bear had told him facts about the topic that he didn't know - and that the teacher had checked and found to be right.  I suppose being a slack mother giving too much screen time has its benefits and bear had hoovered up all sorts of YouTube videos and books on the subject.  However I now have a wonderful incentive - clean your room or you won't get to do your maths.

I never thought it would come to this.


  1. A child who loves Maths is to be cherished! They are few and far between - I have only one. I loved it too though, so I can relate! Glad he is enjoying it xxx

  2. Could I make a small suggestion? Is the lavender oil you mention an essential oil? I am not an aromatherapist and I know that lavender is one of the few oils you can use with children but I am a tad concerned you are using it on the list of bumps etc you mentioned. You would be much better off collecting plantain leaves (can be narrow leaf or greater) from somewhere local (not frequented by dogs) and making your own double infused oil which can then be used and is specific for the uses you have mentioned. Bear could also help you pick and make it since it will be his special oil. I''ll email you a story I've written for kids about making plantain oil.(If you're wondering why I'm concerned about essentail oils - the more you use, the more likely you are to become allergic to it. It's incredibly concentrated.)